Submitting Phone & Absentee Bids

Please download the Phone & Absentee Bids Form and email it back to us earlier than 24 hours before the auction starts. 

Online Bidding

We offer live online bidding through several popular online platforms:

Have something to sell?

If you have items you are considering selling, be it a single item, a large collection, or an entire estate please contact us. A good way to begin is to send or email us photographs of items under consideration so our specialists can make a preliminary evaluation of your property to determine whether it meets our auction criteria. If we determine that your property is not something we can handle in one of our auctions, we will be unable to provide an evaluation. You can also call us to discuss your property, or to make an appointment to bring it in for evaluation. Based on photographs or seeing the items in person, our specialists will provide feedback on the current market and preliminary auction estimates as needed. We select items for which we have a good market, and age is often not the most important consideration. Condition, provenance (history of ownership), and particular market trends are also important considerations.